Whether you’re visiting us for your regular essentials or if it’s time to get a new your look, we can guarantee a relaxing experience with a catwalk finish.


Fanboo is proud to offer Olaplex at our salon. This concentrated treatment rebuilds broken disulfide bonds inside the hair and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. It ensures that, even after a colour service, Olaplex continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

Bridal Packages

We offer a wide range of bridal packages to suit everbody's needs and take away any unwanted stress from your special day – Please contact us for a free consultation or download our wedding price list.

Easilock Hair Extensions

Coming soon as of January 2019 Easilock hair extensions will be available with Megan our artistic leader. Price on consultation depending on length and thickness of hair that you would like. For a free , no obligation consultation please contact us on 01787882028 so we can discuss in further detail.

What are Easilocks?

Easilocks Human Hair Extensions are a revolutionary human hair enhancement system that uses only the finest 100% human remy hair which is ethically sourced globally.

Ethical Hair Statement

Easilock specify strict guidelines that hair suppliers have to follow to ensure that the best quality hair possible is sourced and delivered to salons and are continually monitoring business practices to ensure that no exploitation or unethical practices are committed.

Easilocks only works with supply sources that meet their ethical policy standards and they actively seek to work with and support those that promote responsible business practices

They offer conditions of employment that are fair to all employees and they are compliant with local health and safety regulations, as well as other standard employment conventions.

The standards contain various internationally respected labour standards primarily based on for example, ILO conventions, including the so-called core conventions, the UNs Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Rights at Work, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Labor Association, UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprised and various other leading and well-respected conduct guideline initiatives.


They actively seek to work with organisations that source raw materials ethically from quality-controlled, reputable suppliers and conduct fair business with dignity, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business.


Easilocks Human Hair Extensions will continue to ensure that salons and customers receive the highest quality human hair available, while maintaining a professional, ethical and responsible manner that extends through the supply chain. 

GHD Lesson

When you purchase any set of GHDs from Fanboo we will offer a complimentary 15minute lesson on how to straighten and curl your hair. All ghds are guaranteed for two years from date of purchase. We also stock ghd hairdryers and travel hairdryers.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available at reception for any value you request. Gift cards are perfect presents for birthdays and Christmas, giving that person the chance to be pampered.

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